December 2023 CREG Journal Now Published

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December 2023 CREG Journal Now Published

Post by David Gibson » Wed 06 Dec 2023 12:40

December 2023 CREG Journal Now Published

A new quarterly CREG journal is now online at and will be mailed on paper to our subscribers to arrive in the week or so.

For those of you who have made special arrangements to receive your subscription copy via Ebay, it is now available there. If (and only if!) you paid for a 'discount voucher' earlier, you can claim that discount by clicking on the Make Offer (Faire une offre / Preisvorschlag senden) button and offer GBP 1.50 instead of 3.50. At Ebay you will be charged our basic price, plus your local VAT or sales tax.

CREG is The British Cave Research Association's special interest group for cave radio and electronics but, recently, CREG has broadened its remit to cover other aspects of cave technology, including surveying and photography. A list of contents, and brief descriptions of the articles in the present issue can be found at The CREG journal is available online and on paper. Annual subscriptions and single back-issues can be ordered. If your online subscription has expired, you will find out when you try to log in.

CREG Field Meeting and Zoom Symposium

We originally planned to hold some sort of symposium this year, with a set of talks (including via Zoom) and some field activities, probably in Derbyshire (UK). These plans did not materialise, but the new plan is to hold a symposium (with online streaming) in Cornwall on 29-30 June 2024, to coincide with the NAMHO (National Association of Mining History Organisations) conference there. Whether this takes place does depend, somewhat, on volunteers stepping forward to help, so this is not an 'official' notice of the event - more of an expressed hope.

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