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CREG as a BCRA sub-committee

Post by David Gibson » Fri 20 Aug 2021 11:01

Writing with my BCRA Secretary's hat on ...

CREG is one of BCRA's special interest groups (SIGs). Although the SIGs started out all following the same organisational model, the groups have diversified, over the years, to a point where each now follows a different model according to its needs. CREG, for example, abolished its formal structure back in 2007 for a model where it was run directly, but "at arm's length", by BCRA Council. This had the advantage that we could act far less formally, with BCRA Council deciding how much formal reporting they required from us.

But times change, and we now think that a more formal CREG committee could be useful in giving potential newcomers to CREG's management (who we are seeking to recruit) the confidence and reassurance that a more traditional committee structure would give them. To that end, BCRA Council has formally created a CREG sub-committee of BCRA Council. Members of the CREG sub-committee must be approved by BCRA Council, and must be individual members of BCRA. Specifically...
Minutes of Council Meeting 188, Wednesday, 28 July 2021 (Via Zoom)
188.4.3 CREG Sub-committee
David Gibson proposed that a Sub-Committee of BCRA be set up for CREG, seconded by John Gunn, agreed nem con.

Proposals by David Gibson
  1. ...that Council set up a sub-committee to manage the CREG Special Interest Group in accordance with clause K8 of BCRA's constitution. The sub-committee shall comprise at least two individual members of BCRA, including at least one member of BCRA Council. Members of the sub-committee shall be chosen by the existing sub-committee members but shall be approved by Council before taking up their duties. The sub-committee shall have no power to act outside of the published SIG Guidelines. All acts and proceedings of the sub-committee shall be fully and promptly reported to all members of BCRA Council.
  2. ...that the initial committee members be David Gibson (BCRA Council member), Rob Gill and Mike Bedford, provided that each of these is an individual member of BCRA.
That is probably all that anybody needs to know for now, but please contact me if you would like further information.

When the CREG sub-committee meets formally, minutes will be posted here. I suspect that the amount of committee activity does not merit a separate sub-forum on this site, so Im posting this merely as an "announcement". If the traffic gets too high, I'll create a sub-forum for committee reporting.