Rules for entering the competition

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Rules for entering the competition

Post by Gina » Mon 30 Oct 2017 13:39

Complete rules for entering the competition are available here, however, below is a summary of the information that is required to enter.
  • a. cave name
    b. location within cave
    c. general description of CCC finds (e.g. brown breadcrumb-type crystals, white concave/convex bubbles, raft-like formations). Further information on CCC types are here
    d. general description of cave environment in which CCCs are found (e.g. angular boulders and breakdown, ‘fluffy’ mud, dry passage that doesn’t flood)
    e. photos of the site both showing the wider scene as well as close ups. Individual photos should be maximum 1000 pixels wide, be in JPG format, and compressed to have a file size of no more than 200 kB. Information on how to upload photographs is available here. Note that photographs will be visible to anyone, therefore to help protect images, it is recommended that a watermark is applied.
    f. further information that may be useful, e.g. depth of CCCs below surface, or the CCC location marked on a survey. Note this is not an essential entry requirement
If you do not wish to join the BCRA forum, then entries may be sent to Gina Moseley at g.moseley[-at-] (Replace [-at-] with @). Gina will upload the information to the BCRA forum. However, it will be the first reportage on this forum for a particular cave that will count in the competition.

It is recommended that potential CCC sites are protected where possible, either by taping or with a notice, especially those found to be in vulnerable locations on major routes.