News: Burrington Combe - Blackdown Parking

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News: Burrington Combe - Blackdown Parking

Post by David Cooke » Tue 22 Nov 2011 14:31 ... wn_parking

The AONB Service have reported problems with vehicles blocking the track where the new barriers have been installed and on more than one occasion the farmer has not been able to get past. There is very limited parking here and the AONB Service have asked that the tracks are not blocked. Be warned that if you do block the track vehicles may either be removed or possibly damaged.

We warned the AONB of these potential problems when they installed the barriers but they were not willing to discuss other options. As previously advised anyone intending to visit the caves in this area is advised to park in the Combe and approach via West Twin Brook valley.

Graham Price
Posted 1/9/2011
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