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News: The Caves on Axbridge Hill Access Agreement

Posted: Tue 22 Nov 2011 14:30
by David Cooke ... _agreement

There is now an access agreement in place with the landowners, Mr and Mrs Scott, who own the majority of the land on Axbridge Hill. The access agreement is as follows:

The caves must only be visited at weekends in the day, and before a visit the Scotts must be informed. Please telephone, before 7pm, Mrs. Scott, on 01934 733341. Mr Scott also agreed that a CSCC lock could be fitted but stated that if cavers break this agreement access may be denied. The CSCC lock has now been fitted and the caves in question are – Axbridge Hill Cavern (formerly The Lost Cave of Axbridge) Triple-H Cave Large Chamber Cave Toad Pit Chard’s Well Axbridge Ochre Cavern

Please respect this agreement.

Les Williams
CSCC C&A Officer
Posted 31/8/2011