Rhino Rift Anchor Replacements 20th Nov

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Rhino Rift Anchor Replacements 20th Nov

Post by David Cooke » Sun 12 Dec 2010 21:34

CSCC Equipment Officer wrote: The following anchors in Rhino Rift have been replaced:

First anchor on the traverse line to the second pitch
Two anchors of the second y hang on the second pitch

All anchors on the first and second pitches have been inspected and although in some cases the rock resin bond has started to fail, as can be seen from the slight rotation (less than 1mm), it is my opinion and that of others in the working party that they are safe to use and do not require immediate replacement. The anchors where the rock resin bond is starting to fail have been identified for future replacement.

Please note: the CSCC does not carry out any routine inspection or testing of bolts within the CSCC Anchor Placement Scheme. This policy is in line with the BCA statement on the testing of anchors.
Further, the CSCC view is that individual cavers should satisfy themselves that the anchors they are proposing to use are safe.

The proposed chain on the head of the first pitch has not yet been fitted. A suitable vendor has been identified and I will update here when the chain is in place.

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