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Anchor Placement Demonstration - 10am Sat 20th Nov - Priddy

Posted: Fri 12 Nov 2010 14:33
by David Cooke
CSCC Equipment Officer wrote:Dear All,
CSCC will be holding an anchor placement demonstration & practical session on Saturday 20th November at 10am near Priddy. All attendees will be expected to have familiarised themselves with the CSCC anchor scheme documents prior to attending.

The documents are available in .pdf form on the CSCC Website at:

There are three documents in the pack:

CSCC-EQ-GN-1001 Anchor Placement & Installation Guidance
CSCC-EQ-GN-1002 Anchor Inspection & Usage
CSCC-EQ-PR-1001 Anchor Management (Installation, Testing, Defect Reporting) Procedure

Following the surface session, a real life case study will be discussed on site in Rhino Rift.

All Mendip cavers are welcome to attend (subject to availability of spaces). If you would like to attend or require further information, please contact me on 01761 233769.

Faye Litherland
CSCC Equipment Officer