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Forwarding emails to a group

Post by David Cooke » Thu 03 Dec 2009 00:56

Barry wrote:Barry here, now that the I have the on the BCA mini server, is it possible to set up a e-mail address like members [at] to be forwarded to all members, as I can only see to forward to one e-mail address only in the control panel. When we were on the fasthosts control panel it was easy to set up.
Hi Barry,

no problem, it is deceptively simple. In the Forwards section of cPanel select "Add Forwarder" to set up your first forward. E.g.

Address to Forward: members@...
Forward to email address: secretary@...

NB I've not completed the email addresses here to stop the spam-bots. You would enter the full addresses.

Then simply add another Forward also starting members@

members@... to treasurer@...

and another

members@... to chairman@...


If you review your forwards you'll now see there are three starting members@...

So now if I emailed members@... the system would forward the email to the three email addresses secretary@..., treasurer@... and chairman@...
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Re: Forwarding emails to a group

Post by David Gibson » Thu 10 Dec 2009 13:33

David Cooke wrote:In the Forwards section of cPanel select "Add Forwarder" to set up your first forward
Alternatively, if you have a large list to manage, you could perhaps consider setting up a mailing list. You can configure this so that only you can post to it, but it has the advantage that people can manage their own subscription details. Also, messages to a list are archived on the server. You can arrange for the archive to be viewable only by subscribers (and this is preferred, to stop spam-bots from harvesting addresses).

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Post by ogofmole » Tue 29 Dec 2009 11:17

All working fine now, thanks for your help . :D

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