Further Options for BCA Membership?

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Glenn Jones
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Further Options for BCA Membership?

Post by Glenn Jones » Sun 21 Jun 2009 12:46

During yesterdays BCA National Council meeting, Damian, Chis J and myself where wondering if the current categories of membership are fullfilling members requirements.

The yearly average is about 430 Direct Individual Members (DIMs), and about 5200 Club Individual Members (CIMs). (The two categories of membership came about because clubs insisted on that option).

The difference between the two categories are that (as well as insurance) DIMs receive publications (handbook, newsletter, Speleology), discount to Hidden Earth and the option to join BCRA. CIMs are managed via their club and receive insurance (there are some other benefits - see the BCA handbook for details).

Chris asked if there are CIMs that would want the additional benefits provided to a DIM, but prefer to have their club manage their BCA membership. So between us we came up with the concept of the "CIM Plus" category. Basically, the club would still manage the individual members membership to BCA, but there would be an option for the CIM to have the same benefits as a DIM (including the option to join BCRA). Obviously there would be a requirement on the individual to ensure their requirements were captured by the club.

I'd be interested to know if this is something we should provide. If there is sufficient positive feedback, then it can be implemented for the 2010 renewal process.

Let me know what you think.