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Cave-Registry mailing list at

Post by David Gibson » Fri 23 Jan 2009 16:46

Sometime in the next few-days/week I shall be moving the mailing lists at <> onto a new mail server. The Cave Registry list, in its current form, will be closing down. A replacement list might be set up but existing subscribers will NOT be automatically subscribed to it. To subscribe, you will need to read any instructions posted on this forum in due course. A message to this effect has been posted to the mailing list.

There is an argument that mailing lists serve a different purpose to bulletin-board forums such as the one youre reading now; and that, even if the list traffic is very low, a mailing list can be worth having. That may well be so, but the Cave Registry list is *so* quiet that Im not sure that the argument applies. At any rate, it seems a good idea to get people to confirm the need for a list, and to re-confirm their subscription address.

Further information will be posted here in due course.