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Why did you look at the CSCC Individual Membership Topic?

I would like the CSCC to allow individual membership.
I'm against individual membership of the CSCC.
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I'm just curious.
I visit the topic again and again just to get the visit count up.
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Individual Membership of CSCC

Post by David Cooke » Fri 09 Mar 2007 15:05

Surprisingly the "Individual Membership of CSCC" topic is the most visited on the BCA Forum, at the moment some 16,728 visits.

Why is this?
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Post by Canda@CSCC » Fri 09 Mar 2007 18:51

... er,... because there are LOADS* of non-club cavers who recognise the sterling work which CSCC do and the benefits to all those blessed and lucky enough to come within touching distance of the holy ground upon which the Council operates and they, too, quite rightly and wisely wish to claim for themselves a piece of the action but don't intend to go through the rigmarole of joining a club in order to do so.

* At least one.
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