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University Caving Club Officers’ Event, Mendip, 24th Feb

Posted: Thu 08 Feb 2007 16:43
by Canda@CSCC
University Caving Club Officers’ Event
Priddy, Mendip, 24-25th February

An Event specifically aimed at University Caving Club Organisers (i.e. the trip secretary, meets secretary, etc – “the people who organise the trips”!) is being hosted on Mendip on the weekend of 24th-25th February by the Council of Southern Caving Clubs (CSCC).

The event will primarily aim to disseminate access and contact information so that University Clubs are able to expand their activities on Mendip beyond the usual trio of locations (Burrington / Swildons / GB Cavern); Mendip has so much more to offer!

Current and useful information will be provided on: what’s open, where to get keys and permits, where to park safely, where to stay, and so on. If you have any queries or suggestions which highlight other issues then please let us know and we’ll add them to the list!

The Saturday evening comprises a presentation (open to all cavers) by Tim Francis of the Mendip Caving Group on the recent stunning discoveries at Upper Flood Swallet and serving as a reminder of why conservation is such a big issue in modern caving.

If there is enough interest we might also run a trip to somewhere you have not have been before. Bring your kit just in case!

So, if you want your University Club to be in a position to offer a wider variety of top trips on Mendip, saving you long drives to distant regions (and petrol money), then prod your Committee Officers to contact and get their names on the list!

Spaces are limited* (we’ve only got so much stuff to give away!) but don’t think we’re trying to put people off attending. There will be a special deal on CSCC Access Handbooks and other caver publications – each attendee will get a cobbled-together-not-quite-in-a-hurry goodie bag of things as a blatant bribe for them to attend.

Accommodation is available in Mendip Club Huts. Contact us for details.

….. Can your Club Committee members tell you how many CSCC caves there are on Mendip and where they all are, or the names of new sites found since the last copy of “Mendip Underground” was printed?..... Well, can they?

If they attend this event, they will be able to….

* If the event proves too popular, priority for places will be given to (in decreasing order): CSCC Member University Clubs, other University Clubs in the CSCC Region, any University Club.

Council of Southern Caving Clubs Chris Binding

Conservation & Access Officer
British Caving Association