BCA Membership - renewal letter

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Glenn Jones
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BCA Membership - renewal letter

Post by Glenn Jones » Tue 30 Jan 2007 17:47

Letters inviting members to renew their BCA and where applicable, BCRA membership, will be posted no later than Tuesday February 6th. Whilst this is later than I would have liked, I have taken this opportunity to ensure that as many members (including both exBCA and exBCRA members) receive the 2007 renewal letter. This has meant some late night spreadsheet shuffling, but I believe the delay will be worth the effort. I have also decided to include the BCA AGM agenda in this mail shot, as the distribution list is the same, and with some 1200 addresses, the saving in postage is considerable.

The following membership groups will receive the letter (and AGM agenda):

- Individuals
- Joint
- Club

The following will receive the AGM agenda and will be contacted sepertaly about membership renwal.

- Access Groups
- Associates

I apologise in advance if anyone's address is incorrect, as some of the information I am working with is several years old.

It is also possible that you have already renewed your membership, so please ignore the renewal letter if that is the case.

You also do not need to wait to receive the letter in order to renew your membership. The BCA website details the 2007 membership subscription rates, and a cheque with a letter of explanation (detailing the level of membership required) is a perfectly acceptable method to renew membership (posted to BCA, The Old Chapel, Great Hucklow, Buxton SK17 8RG).

Please note that whilst BCA is investigation methods for electronic payments, this will not be available during 2007, so payments should be made preferrably by cheque. If you had previously requested renewal via a credit or debit card, it will not be possible to action that transaction in 2007. Also, if you have an existing standing order or direct debit (to either BCA or BCRA), these should be cancelled with immediate effect.

Many thanks,

BCA Membership Administrator