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Busy Bee C & A Officer

Posted: Fri 14 Jul 2006 21:55
by David Cooke
He's to modest to let you know himself, our C & A Officer has been a busy bee today.
Chris wrote:Hi Cookie,

So, today!
  • Conning Tower Cave - entrance refixed in place after it had been smashed out of its housing.
  • Singing River Mine - butterfingers collected the padlock he (I) dropped down it on Wednesday!
  • Cuckoo Cleeves - measured up the fencing to be replaced. Rebuilt some stone walls.
  • Thrupe Lane Swallet - Ali M and I placed two anchors at the head of Perseverence Pot (the batteries ran flat, meaning we were unable to place an approach anchor so there are just the two for a good y-hang down the pitch).
  • More CSCC keys distributed.
That's enough C&A for one day!