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How do I get in?

Posted: Tue 24 Jan 2006 00:14
by David Cooke
Idris has emailed me this question:
How do I get in?
You don't need to do anything to read the messages on the public forums, just select the forums and topics you are interested in.

To post messages or join the private forums you need to Login. The first time you need to Register as well.

Select Register from the options at the top of the page. Follow the instructions. You will need to give a user name, a password and you email address.

Once registered select Login from the options at the top of the screen and type in your new user name and password.

Try posting messages and creating new topics in the Test Forum by clicking on the 'New topic' and 'Post Reply' buttons. Topics are new threads of discussion. The Test Forum is there to try things out so don't worry about what you post there. You'll notice that you can edit or delete messages that you have posted.

Idris to speed things up I've registered you and subscribed you to the private forum 'National Council' and 'Training Committee'. Details sent separately. Have fun.