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Problems with Mailman

Posted: Mon 07 Mar 2016 11:54
by David Gibson
Cookie, ... and anyone else....
Is there any known problem with Mailman at the moment? It is behaving very oddly. Several people on the CREG-announce list are not receiving messages. I have checked the server log and it looks like they are not being sent; that is...
  • It is not a problem due to grey-listing or temporary delivery failure because there's nothing in the log
  • Its not a genuine non-delivery problem because there's nothing in the log (although plenty of people ARE being blocked due to "local policy" :-(
  • Its not the list that's blocking the sending because the NoMail box is not checked for these subscribers
  • Its not some other, undefined, problem with the transport because at least one affected person is receiving messages from one of the other lists.
Its as if the list has just "decided" not to send to half the people on the mailing list, but it is not reporting the fact. I need to run another test, but it looks as if the database might be corrupted, if that's possible, so I could just unsubscribe and resubscribe everyone I guess.

Re: Problems with Mailman

Posted: Wed 09 Mar 2016 14:03
by David Gibson
This is distinctly odd. The list is not posting to the TLDs .ca, .com, .net, .org. Is it just co-incidental that those are in the groupings that Mailman apparently handles separately, viz, from ... 72413.html ...
the entire list is split into four groups by top level domain. One group is all .com addresses, the second is .net and .org, the third is .edu, .us and .ca and the fourth is all others. Then the individual message recipients are taken in chunks of up to the limit in size from the groups.

Re: Problems with Mailman

Posted: Wed 09 Mar 2016 15:27
by David Gibson
Apologies to those who subscribe to the Forum Scanner mail list. Im running some tests, which will result in your receiving several emails.