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Very Annoying Bug in Cpanel/webmail

Posted: Fri 14 Nov 2014 16:28
by David Gibson
There is a very annoying bug in cpanel ... possibly. Or Im going senile, which would also be annoying.

If you access webmail from a "cold" state, it asks for authentication and lets you in. When you log out of webmail takes you to a dedicated webmail login page, which then asks you for a new user and password. However, the authentication for this page is a bit odd - the page asks for user and password but, when you enter them, what comes up is the built-in WWW authentication prompt, so you have to enter the data for a second time. Something about this is not working because this inevitably results in a loop. I am repeatedly asked for my credentials and eventually - I assume - the security lock-out kicks in. Certainly something appears to malfunction at this point, manifesting itself in the same way that an unrecognised user/pw pair would be treated.

Message edited... OK. The malfunction might have been me. For some strange reason most of my webmail passwords were not working. I have reset them, and now it works. What is odd is why the passwords stopped working, since I do not recall changing any of them. Just One Of Those Things, I guess.