Sarma expedition Autumn 2014

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Sarma expedition Autumn 2014

Post by galkas » Sun 09 Mar 2014 11:53

The annual scientific research expedition into Sarma cave in the Russian Caucasus will be from 1 September till 8 October 2014. Sarma: depth 1830 m, length about 1500 m, entrance altitude 2150 m, resurgence altitude minus 3 m. The cave is located in the Western Caucasus, mountain area Arabika, region called Triangle: ... e13f9c4920
The expedition will continue research in Sarma cave. Also they plan to look at various other caves and entrances in the region. Start and end dates shown include time of transportation from and back to Krasnoyarsk. The actual time on the mountain will be from 8th till 30th September.
The expedition is organized by Krasnoyarsk Caving Club and Caving Club of Siberian Federal University.
Cavers are invited to participate.
Leader and coordinator: Pavel Rudko
Contact details:
Mobile phone: +79029290423

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Re: Sarma expedition Autumn 2014

Post by Toufic_13 » Sun 03 Jan 2016 06:51

Hello Galkas,

hope you are doing well. i saw this post while i was researching for any info on Sarma.

My friend and I are planning to visit Sarma some time this year and we couldn't find any information on the dates, calendar nor the caving groups that manage Sarma.

I have emailed Pavel (the expedition leader you have mentioned in your post) but I received no reply yet.

Any help/tips is highly appreciated :D :D . Please advise

thank you and regards,

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