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Caving Clubs: Advertising in Speleology magazine

Posted: Thu 17 Oct 2013 16:15
by David Gibson
Those of you who are BCA members might realise* that its some time since an issue of Speleology was published. Unfortunately, in a volunteer-based organisation, things sometimes slip, and it can be very difficult to recover lost ground. So, in a last-ditch effort, I have taken over as editor of the magazine (assisted by Hugh Penney, Nigel Ball and Erin Lynch), and Im hoping that we'll be able to publish an issue in December 2013.

This message is not a plea for articles (at least not for issue 19) as I already have quite a lot of new material. Its a message to UK-based Caving Clubs. If clubs would like to place a small free advert in Speleology 19 (e.g. for your accommodation, a club event, or just to recruit members) please let me have the text by Monday 3 November. If you have a club logo or a picture of of your hut, I might be able to use that too. The expected caveats apply: this is a free service and subject to space being available, ... and so on, and so on).

Speleology is mailed to all Members of BCA apart from CIMs** and any club that has opted-out of receiving it.

* or you might not; which triggers the debate of whether there is actually any point to producing Speleology
** CIM = Club Individual Members. These members pay a reduced ]membership fee, via their club, and do not receive any mailings from BCA.