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Mercurial on Cave-registry

Posted: Mon 15 Jul 2013 14:56
by Andrew

CUCC are thinking of moving their data accross to the site. Due to not having web access on expo they are keen on distributed repositories, and are currently using Mercurial.

This is probably very useful to other clubs, so I think that we should look at it.

There are two main possibilities:-

Adding an area that can be ssh into and allowing the remote machine to do the work, this has an advantage that probably other distributed systems will work on it, however, the disadvantages that it could become messy and confusing with usernames (one for access, one for the repository) and publishing even the tip on the site could be difficult.

Use the built in function of mercurial. Advantages, seems to do most of the work. Disadvantages, needs installing and limits use to mercurial ... collab:cgi

Personally I would go for the later, can you find time to do it.