Enquiries to GPF

Discussion about GPF related issues. GPF exists to provide grant aid and assistance to caving expeditions. The GPF is a registered sub-charity of BCRA.

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Enquiries to GPF

Post by Glenn Jones » Fri 09 Apr 2010 09:10

I sent the following email to the link on the GPF website (on 29/09/09) copying NW and DJ, and to date, have not received a reply. Is the website actually maintained or monitored at all?

Hi Roo,

I was very impressed by Madphil's plea for members to consider leaving gifts in their wills to Ghar Parau at this years Hidden Earth, and have had some thoughts about possible avenues for further funding. However, before attempting to sell my idea I thought I'd check out the website. I'm assuming that http://gharparau.org.uk/ is the only web presence for the Foundation, and if so it does not detail any of the successes and benefits that Ghar Parua funding has provided. If I am to approach an organisation for possible funding, they will want to know what benefit their money will provide and the website does not "sell" the Foundation in any way.

So I'm suggesting that the website is expanded to promote the numerous
successes of UK caving expeditions throughout the world and the benefits
that it has provided in the countries visited (teaching caving skills to the
locals, finding sources of fresh water, learning and understanding more
about local geology and hydrology etc,).

I'm not suggesting that my idea will work, but I could not even attempt to
sell it if this is all I have to demonstrate what the Foundation is trying
to achieve.

I've copied David and Nick whom I'm sure will have a view on this.