150 year old well

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150 year old well

Post by gar » Wed 21 May 2008 07:52

Hello all,
I hope you don't mind; I've registered and logged in to make a particular inquiry as follows:

I have got a 150 year old well in the garden which I thought was redundant in
1961, as a 15 year old. I still live in the same house, but my past sins have caught up with me. :oops:

We were persuaded that non-mains water to rural areas was a thing of the past, and chucked quite a lot of rubbish down there, including if my memory serves me right, a quantity of tarmac.

I now want to get a depth of water at the bottom of at least 1 metre in order to install a submersible pump and to go off mains inflow/outflow entirely.

Is there anybody who would be prepared to go down there for a fee,
and do some digging?!

I know very little about caving so I hope this request is not insulting at all.

I live about 7 miles from Wareham,Dorset, so if you are interested in Heritage coast you could stay a few days as well, whenever you please.

The well was last used in the 1940s/early 50s.
It is brick built, and last time I looked, it seemed in good condition, but that was about 35 years ago. It has had a large and heavy concrete slab over it ever since 1961, before which time the covering was inadequate.

I am not sure of the depth, probably 10-15m, and as far as i know there is no water in the bottom.



If you would like to post me direct it is garethhowell@phonecoop.coop