Cave Surveying Group Meet, Mendips, 20th April

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Cave Surveying Group Meet, Mendips, 20th April

Post by wookey » Fri 11 Apr 2008 00:51

BCRA Cave Surveying Group Meet

Need to brush up your surveying? Got a new discovery to survey? Wanting help with software? Come to the CSG meet on Sunday 20th April, following on from the BCRA Cave Technology Symposium on the 19th. It will be held in Mendip, based at the Wessex Caving Hut.

Activities on the weekend will include:
* Surveying Training, both underground and drawing up.
* Laser surveying (SAP+Bosch, as opposed to conventional instruments).
* Hacking the Bosch 'disto' to talk directly to the Shetland Attack Pony.
* Fancy laser scanning kit to play with.
* Pretty surveys to look at - bring yours to show.

If you have aspects of surveying they'd like to cover then please come along to talk about it/show us. If preparation is needed, such as a timeslot to give a talk, then please talk to the meet organiser about it - we will do our best to accomodate you. We will be there all weekend from Friday evening, probably starting in the Hunters. There is no need to book, but an email to Allan, below, will be helpful if you are intending to come. If you want accomodation you will need to reserve some.

Contact Allan Richardson re accomodation and attendance: email: or phone: 01772 783194