Is this Forum a good idea?

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Is this Forum a good idea?

Post by David Cooke » Sat 07 Jan 2006 11:41

I've just announced this Forum to the world. It is in test mode at the moment. If it is popular we can adopt it.

Main uses:

1) I set it up for discussion about the development of the Cave Registry, but once it was working I realised it could be used more widely.

2) To communicate with our members. The last Council Meeting agreed that we are failing to communicate effectively with our members particularly on membership and insurance issues. This Forum is another tool in that battle. Members can pose questions that concern them, which we can then answer. The answer is there for all to see, building a kind of FAQ. This is more immediate than the Newsletter where as the author you have to second guess what all the questions are.

3) To discuss Council and Committee business. It is possible it setup private groups. If you want to see click on 'Usergroups' above then 'View Information' then 'Join'. You will need to be a Registered user first - and oh and an Officer or Committee member :)

Let me know what you think. Is this Forum a good idea?
Dave Cooke
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Post by Canda@CSCC » Wed 07 Mar 2007 20:37

Not far off a whole year since a post has featured in the Devon & Cornwall section. Should we club together and send them a computer?
Despite my user name I am now no longer the CSCC C&A Numpty. Instead I am just a plain unexciting caver once more so you can stop buttonholing me now; ta.

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