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Post by Canda@CSCC » Fri 10 Nov 2006 16:35

CSCC has LOTS of Conservation/Access practical work to do - mostly little bits and bobs but some big(ish) stuff is looming.

The C&A Officer unfortunately doesn't own any tools or possess an engineering company, let alone a garage. Therefore ANY practical work is dependent either on someone else's equipment, knowledge, effort OR on bought-in contractors.

Since bought-in contractors are not cheap, it would be very helpful to find a TAME volunteer who would like fame and glory (and possibly pizza/crate of beer) in exchange for a "job well done".

It would be useful to have/own (or be able to borrow/hire):
outdoor welding kit/generator
angle grinder/cutting gear
metalwork tools/expertise
source of metal/other useful materials
P.S. I've got a REALLY GOOD portable drill.

So, if anyone feels they're tooled up and capable of delivering PLEASE get in touch via

Location: Mendip
Begin: immediate
Salary: £ZERO
Expenses: all materials paid for + pizza/beer (negotiable)
Car: Yes (i.e. you should have your own vehicle!)
Fame/Glory: moderate quantities
Why?: because you can and because you're a hero!
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