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Our Social media news outlets...
• Facebook: http://facebook.com/groups/britishcaver ... sociation/
• BCRA News forum: http://bcra.org.uk/forum
• Twitter: http://twitter.com/bcra_speleology
• UK Caving http://ukcaving.com/board/?board=86.0
In this newsletter
• Next online seminar via zoom
• Other planned seminars
• Cave and Karst Science
• CREG Journal
• Next Council Meeting
• Supporting BCRA
The next online seminar is on Monday 04 Dec.19.30- 21.00 The past, present and future use of stalagmites in Geosciences. Claire Ansberque, University of Stockholm, Sweden
Other planned Seminars currently are :
Monday 08 Jan. Caves, Dinosaurs and the Carnian Pluvial Episode. Mike Simms, National Museum, Northern Ireland.
Cave and Karst Science
In an effort to encourage more BCRA members to contribute to the journal we now run at least one ‘Photo Feature’ in each issue so please feel free to contribute to future issu
CREG Journal
The CREG Journal, edited by Rob Gill, continues to be produced four times per annum with many articles of interest to cave scientists and technologists
The journal is free to download by BCRA Member
The next council meeting will be held on the 31st of January 2024 at 8pm
The December council meeting was rearranged for January as we had a number of meetings close together
Supporting BCRA
• How about volunteering to organise a field meeting?
• Or volunteering to organise an indoor event?
• We also have ongoing need for assistance with publicity and with IT / web matters
• How about making a donation to BCRA? We recently had a very welcome substantial donation made to the BCRA library which will further support the processing and storing of caving information which is valuable to all members .

The next newsletter will be at the end of December so a Merry Christmas to all members