Field Meeting: Karst hydrology of the Hertfordshire Chalk. 1 April 2023

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Field Meeting: Karst hydrology of the Hertfordshire Chalk. 1 April 2023

Post by David Gibson » Sun 26 Feb 2023 12:27

Field Meeting: Karst hydrology of the Hertfordshire Chalk
Saturday, 1 April

Meeting at: The Woodman Inn, 21 Warrengate Rd, Brookmans Park, Hatfield AL9 7TT

The Chalk isn’t traditionally thought of as karstic, but in Hertfordshire there are major springs, dolines and significant sinking streams and evidence of rapid karstic flow between them. This is amenable to tracing by methodologies traditionally used in karst. Importantly the Chalk is a major source of drinking water supply and the karstic nature of the Chalk impacts on water supply quality.

This trip will look at the geology, karst geomorphology and hydrology of some of the major karstic features in the Hertfordshire Chalk, including the Water End stream sinks and discuss recent research into the karst hydrogeology and tracer testing results. The day will involve short walks (2.5 miles) and a pub lunch.

If you wish to join this meeting you should register for the event using this Google Form. Meeting organiser Simon Bottrell, The deadline for registration is 20th March 2023

Please see the timetable on the PDF attachment to this posting.
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