Cave Surveying Group 4-5 March 2023, Yorkshire Dales

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Cave Surveying Group 4-5 March 2023, Yorkshire Dales

Post by David Gibson » Thu 26 Jan 2023 12:37

IMPORTANT: For up-to-date information on this event please read the thread on the web site.

Wookey writes..

There will be a Cave Surveying Group meeting on the weekend of 4-5 March at the YSS in the Yorkshire Dales. This is an informal event similar in format to previous one, i.e., not formal training, but we will all learn something.

The headline event will be an update and discussion on the state of digital instruments: What is available, how well it works, and what is being done to make use of the rapidly developing sensors in new devices. there will also be a self-help session for anyone with questions/problems with existing software. Come and tell others about your projects - what works and what doesn't. Hopefully there will be some Lidar demos and we can discuss the merits of 2D vs 3D representations. Julian Todd will demo Tunnel VR 3D drawing-up.

If you want to do some actual surveying I'm told that Dale Head Pot needs a resurvey so there can be a trip there to get that started (if it's not too wet to get in without drowning). If you've not used a Shetland Attack Pony (or DistoX2 for that matter) or Topodroid/SexyTopo/CaveSurvey/Abris/Qave then there should be a chance to do that.

Email Nick Bairstow if you want to bags a space (or phone 07899 995647), and tell us if there is anything you'd like to cover. We have space for about 15 people.

Accommodation at YSS is £10/night and there is a £5 charge to cover facilities and admin. See

Bring your own food or eat at the Helwith Bridge.

I look forward to some quality nerding, Wookey
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