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This is a discussion and self-help forum for people who are using data generated by the British Cave monitoring Centre at Poole's Cavern in Buxton. Please do not post large files here - it is expressly NOT a file-sharing forum.

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Welcome to this forum

Post by David Gibson » Thu 23 May 2019 17:23

Updated 29-Oct-2022.

BCRA, in a joint project with the Buxton Civic Association, has set up cave climate monitoring equipment at Poole's Cavern. The project has an official web site and blog at https://cave-science.org.uk where the data can be accessed. BCRA maintains a separate backup site, which automatically 'pulls' the data from the Poole's Cavern loggers - see https://bcra.org.uk/data. You can read some technical articles about the gathering of data from Poole's Cavern at https://bcra.org.uk/pub/cregj/search.html?lookfor=poole

The page you are reading now is a back-stop page for further discussion and self-help amongst those who are using the data.
  • Please do not post large files here. This is not a file-sharing forum. If you post large files they will be deleted without warning.
  • This is a forum for serious discussion and such discussion is easier if you use your real name.
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