Statement on the 2017 BCA Ballot

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Statement on the 2017 BCA Ballot

Post by David Cooke » Tue 05 Sep 2017 09:31

The ballot paper has been distributed by email on 21 august or post on 23 August. If you have not received your ballot paper by 1 September then please contact the BCA Secretary. Likewise if your email system is marking the attachments as ‘phishing’ or worse and you are not prepared to risk opening them, then contact the BCA Secretary. As a security precaution duplicates will only be sent to the address BCA holds.

If you experience difficulty in returning the completed ballot form by email, then please type in the supplied address rather than ‘click on the link’.

The Group Ballot Form has an error within it in containing the word ‘Individual’. Please ignore this. The Unique Security Code will identify Group members.

Please note the ballot form will only be considered properly completed if the Unique Security Code number has been accurately placed on the form and crosses have been placed within boxes.

Please ensure completed ballot forms are with BCA (at the HQ address in Great Hucklow) by 23 September 2017.

For back ground information please read the attached Background Note.

BCA Executive

1 September 2017
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