CREG Journal 93 now published

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CREG Journal 93 now published

Post by David Gibson » Thu 03 Mar 2016 18:05

CREG journal 93 is now online at and will be mailed to subscribers by the middle of next week. Congratulations to Rob for getting yet another journal out on time!

EuroSpeleo 2016

At the beginning of December 2015 I circulated the following message. Needless to say, no volunteers have yet said that they will be organising any CREG events...

The British Caving Association will be hosting "EuroSpeleo 2016" - - a week-long event in August 2016, which will replace our usual Hidden Earth event. All the major caves in the Yorkshire Dales will be pre-rigged for the week so this is an ideal opportunity for the underground testing of equipment. The Gaping Gill winch will also be operating.

The event will be based at the Dalesbridge Centre near to Ingleton, in the Yorkshire Dales and there will be a trade hall and exhibition area there, all week, together with a lecture programme ... all similar to the Hidden Earth event. It would be good if CREG had a presence at EuroSpeleo 2016; that is, people to man a CREG stand (to sell publications; not necessarily to offer technical advice!), people to give talks, people to organise field trips and seminars. Please start thinking about this now, as August 2016 is not very far way! Please - in particular - do not expect someone else to do all of the above! If you turn up at EuroSpeleo 2016 expecting all of the above, you'll end up disappointed if nobody has volunteered to do any of it. :)