Expedition to Zagedan, a cave Barlog's Throat (-900)

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Expedition to Zagedan, a cave Barlog's Throat (-900)

Post by galkas » Tue 26 May 2015 18:36

Dear cavers,
From 7 till 31st August, an expedition of Samara caving club "Zhiguli" will go to a karst area Zagedan (Karachaevo-Cherkessiya, Russia) where a cave Barlog's Throat (-900) is located. Aims and objectives are:
1. Geo morphological survey of the karst area.
2. Working in a cave Vosha found in 2010 (-250)
3. Checking sink holes around the cave Vosha.
4. Continue passing of a new cave "Rebellious Elsa" (-100??) found previous year.
5. Working in a cave "Eximo-C" and others around the Barlog's Throat.
6. Visit Barlog's Throat down to 350m checking fixed ropes.

The team will work on a plateau 2500-2800 m over the sea level. We welcome participation from cavers and NOT cavers, - there are so many sink holes, craters and faults on the plateau, that everyone can find his or her own cave!

A page of the expedition in a social network VK is here: http://vk.com/event73350328
To participate, apply on the page, or phone +449198099071, or e-mail akuper@mail.ru to Alyona Kupriyanova