2012 BCA Membership Fees

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Damian Weare
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2012 BCA Membership Fees

Post by Damian Weare » Sat 15 Oct 2011 19:53

Earlier in the year the BCA Insurance Manager consulted member clubs about the desirability of increasing BCA’s Third-Party liability cover limit from £2 million to £5 million. A clear majority of the clubs who responded were in favour of this increase. Therefore, BCA Council today agreed to extend our cover to £5million for 2012.

This is likely to come at a cost to BCA of a little under £10k per annum and, as outlined in the consultation, we have agreed to increase our membership fees to partly offset this additional cost. Therefore, for 2012 all classes of individual membership, except students and Under 18s, will rise by £1.

This means that for 2012 BCA’s Individual Membership Rates will be as follows:
  • Club Individual Members (green cards) - £17 (caving), £6 (non-caving) or £8 (students & under 18s)
    Direct Individual Members or CIM Plus (red cards) - £32 (caving) or £21 (non-caving)
Club Rates remain as 2011 (i.e. somewhere between £20 and £50 depending on the size of the club’s membership).

Full details will appear on the BCA website in due course.
Damian Weare
BCA Secretary