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Welcome to this forum

Posted: Thu 23 May 2019 17:23
by David Gibson
BCRA, in a joint project with the Buxton Civic Association, has set up cave climate monitoring equipment at Poole's Cavern. A web site will be constructed in due course, to explain this project. In the meantime, this forum is available for sharing information, and for discussion and self-help amongst those who are using the data.
  • This forum is the preferred place for posting questions and reports.
  • Please do not post large files here. This is not a file-sharing forum. If you post large files they will be deleted without warning.
  • This is a forum for serious discussion and such discussion is easier if you use your real name.
  • Although we prefer you to post here, you can also send your queries to Andi Smith.
We plan to produce a web site to explain the project by the end of 2019. In the meantime the occasional note might be posted here.