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Posted: Mon 09 Jan 2006 15:36
by David Cooke
A forum is the modern version of the mailing list/newsgroup. It allows discussions to be held, questions to be asked, answers to be given. Amongst its many advantages over a mailing lists is that it is easy to look back through previous postings so a newcomer can quickly get up to speed on a topic.

Have a look. Let me know what you think. Try it out by posting a message to the Forum. You can use the Test Forum for practice.

To post messages you will first need to 'Register'. Once 'Registered' you can 'Login' and then post messages.

The main headings are called 'Forums'. Under each Forum there are 'Topics' for each new discussion. Under each Topic you will find the messages. You can and should start new Topics for each new discussion.

The FAQ above describes things in more detail.