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Asking permission.

Posted: Thu 20 Apr 2006 22:18
by zenas

WCN Alerter is a new free service available for caving sites.
Notifies instantly for new english posts to WCN Network Sites and Forums.
Whenever there is a new message, a bell and a scrolling message appears with a link to the post.

( Please visit this Url to see how it looks and what it does: )

WCN (Worldwide Caving News) is a non-profit website currently hosted to the greek speleological portal site SPILAIO ( ).

The goal of WCN is to create a worldwide caving news network joining caving sites from all over the world.

I'm asking your permission...
(1) To add your forum to the monitored urls of the Alerter
(2) To create an RSS feed from this forum and add it to the main WCN page ( )

Please for any further info or questions contact me at

Thank you in advance,
Ioannis Zenas.

Posted: Fri 21 Apr 2006 18:19
by Les Williams
Hi Zenas

please feel free to do the things you ask.

any wider publication of caving sites can only be good