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Posted: Mon 26 Nov 2012 11:33
by Andrew

I am looking at adding a front end to the above site to manage the svn users and permissions.

Probably will use

However, it requires a database, and currently the site is only allowed one that is used by the joomla install.

Could probably mangle it to use the same database, but in the end will only cause a head ache, so would it be possible to increase the number of databases available



Re: additional database

Posted: Mon 26 Nov 2012 20:21
by David Cooke
And the number of times you've told me a CLI is better than a GUI ...

You have more databases.

Re: additional database

Posted: Tue 27 Nov 2012 01:17
by Andrew
I aim to cater for all valid preferences, however bizarre. Easier for me, not better, but definitely not worse :D

Thanks for the quick response