News; April 2021

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News; April 2021

Post by David Gibson » Sat 10 Apr 2021 16:04

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  • BCRA Caves and Karst online seminars
  • Tony Waltham's Cave & Karst Archive
  • Membership Renewals
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BCRA Caves and Karst online seminars
The next of our monthly online seminars takes place on Monday 12 April at 19.30 BST. This series of talks takes place on the second Monday of each month, in support of the International Year of Caves and Karst (IYCK). Monday's talk is "The Chalk: Britain's most important karst region", with Andy Farrant and Lou Maurice, British Geological Survey, Keyworth, Nottingham. For a summary, and for information on how to log in via Zoom, please go to

Tony Waltham's Cave & Karst Archive
While trapped at home during the Covid frenzy, Tony Waltham has spent some of the time in compiling his website to form an archive of readily accessible material. It contains many of his published papers, along with various photographs and reports on travels to distant lands, and one page contains more than forty articles and papers concerning caves and karst. Take a look at

Membership Renewals
Please note that our membership team is short-staffed at the moment, due to long-term illness. As a result, we have postponed the issuing of BCRA membership cards for a few weeks. (BCA DIM cards are also postponed). The system should automatically acknowledge your membership application but sometimes those emails go astray. So, if you need a confirmation of your membership of BCRA (or BCA), or you need to be reminded of your online access credentials, please contact me at