IP-based access to our online content

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IP-based access to our online content

Post by David Gibson » Wed 25 Dec 2019 17:02

At the moment, BCRA's online content is available for download to members via the user-id and password printed on your membership card. We are now experimenting with an alternative system, known as IP-based access.

IP access is where your computer is recognised by its Internet IP address, thus bypassing the need for a log-in. This is useful mainly to academic institutions and libraries, but it could also be handy for caving clubs, if you have wifi access in your club library.

The salient point is that IP access requires you to have what is called a "static" IP address. However, most domestic broadband contracts use a "dynamic" address, which will not work. Some domestic suppliers will charge a small additional fee for providing a static address but others will simply not issue a static address to domestic customers at all. If you are interested in finding out more about this facility, please email David Gibson.