BCRA Cave Science Symposium Final Details

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BCRA Cave Science Symposium Final Details

Post by Gina » Mon 14 Oct 2019 00:17

BCRA Cave Science Symposium Third and Final Circular
The British Cave Research Association is pleased to announce the final details of the 30th Annual Cave Science Symposium to be held Saturday 19th October, 2019 at the British Geological Survey, Keyworth, Nottingham, as well as a fieldtrip to Creswell Crags, on Sunday 20th October, 2019. The symposium will feature a keynote lecture by Dr. Peter Wynn (University of Lancaster) dedicated to ‘Exploring the speleothem pollution record’. Whether you are an academic, an amateur scientist, or a caver wanting to find out more about the karst environment, you should find something of interest at the Symposium.

This year’s scientific themes will include:

- A keynote by Prof. Peter Wynn (Uni. Lancaster) titled Exploring the Speleothem Pollution Record
- Hydrogeology
- Karst and Palaeokarst
- Archaeology
- Cave Monitoring
- Biology
- Art

The timetable and abstracts booklet are available online from https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Oz05lY ... rFTYKDk_rM
Please note that this year, in an effort to reduce the environmental impact, printed copies of the abstracts will not be made available at the meeting. As per other years, abstracts will appear in the BCRA scientific journal, Cave and Karst Science.

Please pre-register your attendance by 15th October via this simple online form (https://doodle.com/poll/eda8rqf5nxxci8fb). On-the-day registration will take place between 8.30 and 9.15 am in the foyer.

The admission charge, to include morning and afternoon refreshments will be £5, with free entry to speakers, students and BCRA members. Please have your membership number with you. Donations to help finance the meeting will also be appreciated.

The address for the venue is the De la Beche Conference Suite, Environmental Science Centre, Keyworth, Nottingham NG12 5GG, UK. Further details on ‘where to find us’ are located here https://www.bgs.ac.uk/contacts/sites/keyworth/home.html

Parking is free and secure on site, the security guard will direct participants to the car park when they arrive.

A variety of lunch purchasing options are available in the vicinity of the venue (Co-op, Fish and Chip shop, The Tavern pub). Seating is also available in the venue for anyone who brings their own.

An early evening meal beginning c. 6pm has been arranged at the Charde Oriental Restaurant (97 Melton Rd, Tollerton, Nottingham NG12 4EN, United Kingdom). The menu can be viewed here https://drive.google.com/file/d/16friDY ... aBuaYPGouY and will be £23 per person including tip. Partners and friends not attending the symposium are also welcome to join the meal. Please register to join the meal by 15th October at the doodle poll (https://doodle.com/poll/eda8rqf5nxxci8fb). Please bring the correct cash to registration at the symposium.

On 20th October, 2019, Prof. Andrew Chamberlain (Univ. Manchester) will lead a fieldtrip to Creswell Crags beginning at 10.30 am. Entry to walk around the Crags and look at the cave entrances is free. For those who wish to go into Church Hole cave to see the ice age cave art (bats permitting!) there will be a charge of £9.00/£7.50. Church Hole and Robin Hood Cave have walk-in access and do not require protective clothing, though it would be useful for participants to bring their own hard hats and/or head torches if they have them. Please register with Gina Moseley (gina.moseley@uibk.ac.at) if you would like to join the fieldtrip.


- The symposium is on 19th October, 2019 in the De la Beche Conference Suite, Environmental Science Centre, Keyworth, Nottingham NG12 5GG, UK. Doors open 8.15am. Proceedings start at 9.20am.
- Registration is free to BCRA members, speakers and students. £5 to everyone else. Donations are appreciated.
- Please visit the pre-registration form (https://doodle.com/poll/eda8rqf5nxxci8fb) before 15th October, 2019, to register for the symposium and evening meal.
- Please email Gina Moseley (gina.moseley@uibk.ac.at) to register for the fieldtrip.

Symposium Organisers
Please contact Dr. Andrew Farrant (arf@bgs.ac.uk) for details of the venue and local facilities in Keyworth. Contact Gina Moseley (gina.moseley@uibk.ac.at) for details of the programme and for enquiries concerning oral or poster presentations. Contact Andrew Chamberlain (andrew.chamberlain@manchester.ac.uk) for details of the Sunday fieldtrip.

The 31st BCRA Cave Science Symposium will be hosted by Dr. Mike Rogerson at the University of Hull on 14th November, 2020.