News; August 2018

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News; August 2018

Post by David Gibson » Sat 25 Aug 2018 11:43

Cave & Karst Science 45(2) now published
CKS 45(2) was mailed last week. The online version should be available by Monday 27 August.

Note to BCRA Member Clubs
Some of you have previously requested that your periodicals are mailed to a different address (e.g. your librarian or club hut). If this is the case, I need you to re-confirm that information to me please. Also, you may like to check whether any recent issues are missing from your library. If that is the case, these can be replaced free of charge if we can send them via 'caver post'. Please note that all member clubs who receive C&KS on paper also receive a free copy of the annual BCRA Review, which will be published in October, so it would be good to have any address amendments with me by the end of September, please.

Hidden Earth 2018
The Hidden Earth date and venue has now been announced. The Hidden Earth team apologies for the delay but there were significant difficulties in finding a venue this year. The event will be on 21-23 September at Churchill Academy in the Mendips. See for more information. Please also note that any late announcements will be made on the event's Facebook page at

AGM Notice
Notice is hereby given that the 2018 Annual General Meeting of the British Cave Research Association will be held on Saturday 13 October 2018 at 12:00 during the BCRA Cave Science Symposium at the University of Bristol. Information about the Science Symposium has been posted to the BCRA News Forum at

Please contact the Science Symposium team if you have any queries on how to get to the venue. There will be a short break in the symposium immediately before the AGM, to allow the admission of anybody who is waiting to attend the AGM, but who is not already in the room.

Important Notice: Please note that the Notice of Meeting, which we have to send to each of our members on paper will not include any agenda papers. Neither will the Agenda papers (notably the Council Report and Accounts, the Minutes of the 2017 AGM and any motions received by the secretary) be distributed on paper at the meeting. Anyone wishing to view the agenda papers should either download them from in advance of the meeting, or request a copy from the secretary. Additionally, please note that, because of the need to work on some of the agenda papers, these will probably *not* be available before the due date (three weeks before the AGM), this year.

BCRA's publication, BCRA Annual Review 2017 will contain the 2017 Council Report and Accounts. It will be available for free download prior to the meeting. For those who do not want to print their own copy, a small number will be available to purchase at the meeting at a price of £5.