News; January 2018

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News; January 2018

Post by David Gibson » Tue 02 Jan 2018 12:52

In this newsletter
  • BCRA Membership Renewals
  • BCRA Subscriptions
  • Cave & Karst Science 44(3)
  • CREG Journal 100
  • BCRA Council for 2018
  • Caves & Karst of the Yorkshire Dales Vol 2
  • Cryogenic Calcite Competition
BCRA Membership Renewals
For most of you, your BCRA (and BCA) membership is due for renewal. Apologies for the delay in sending you your reminder letters - I will be posting them this week (to all BCA DIMs). Of course, you do not have to wait until you get a letter. You can renew online at Just click on the "Renew your Membership" link. You can use this online form even if you are going to pay by cheque - it will record your details and tell you where to send your cheque. It is REALLY HELPFUL if you can quote your membership number when using the online form.... or you can wait until the letter arrives with its reminder of your number.

BCRA Subscriptions
If you are a non-member subscriber to Cave & Karst Science I will, hopefully, be posting renewal letters to you this week, also.

Cave & Karst Science 44(3)
C&KS 44(3), which was due out in December, has been delayed slightly. This is due to it requiring more editing than was anticipated. It should be on your doorsteps by the end of January. This is part of your 2017 membership package. Your existing 2017 user-ID will allow you access to this download until April 2018.

CREG Journal 100
Issue 100 of the journal of BCRA's Cave Radio & Electronics Group (now in its 30th year of publication) was published in December and is available online and on paper.

BCRA Council for 2018
  • Mike Butcher has been elected to Council to serve from 1 January 2018. He will replace Ian Peachey, who stood down at the end of 2017 as CHECC liaison.
  • After many years of service, Trevor Faulkner has also stepped down from Council. At our AGM, John Gunn expressed thanks for the huge amount of work he had undertaken for BCRA over a prolonged period, most notably as Foreign Secretary and Meetings Secretary, but also in promoting publication sales and for his work with our digitisation project.
  • For 2018, we will be co-opting Andrew Smith to Council. Andrew will be working with John Gunn in establishing a new British Cave Monitoring Centre at Poole's Cavern in Derbyshire. This is joint project between Poole's Cavern, BCRA and Buxton Civic Association. We will report further on this in 2018.
Caves & Karst of the Yorkshire Dales Vol 2
Just a reminder... Softbacks and hardbacks are in stock and available for ordering at Softback - £30 (£24 to BCRA members), Hardback - £70 (£56 to BCRA members).

Cryogenic Calcite Competition
If you Google for Cryogenic Calcite Competition it will take you straight to plenty of information about BCRA's new competition, managed by Gina Moseley, to help find cryogenic cave calcites (CCCs) in the UK. CCCs are a special type of speleothem deposit that form in ice caves, and hence can be used to establish when a cave was an ice cave and can also be used to provide information about past permafrost environments. For the purposes of the competition, the UK has been split up into six regions, and the group or person that finds the most caves with CCCs per region will win 200m of rope, or £240-worth of caving equipment.

Information about the competition is on the BCRA News Forum at where you ask questions, discuss the topic and post your photos as competition entries. The competition judges will be Gina Moseley, John Gunn, Marc Luetscher and Andy Farrant.
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