CREG Journal 90 published

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CREG Journal 90 published

Post by Rob Gill » Sat 27 Jun 2015 14:24

Issue 90 of the CREG Journal, June 2015, is available online, and the printed version will be with subscribers very shortly.

This issue includes article on:

• Bringing Computational Photography to Cenotes and Flooded Caves
• Using AMSS on BBC Radio 4 to Send Data to Subsurface Locations
• An Arduino-Compatible Bat Call Data Recorder
• Stereoscopic Vision with Reduced Definition in One Eye
• August 2015 Field Meeting Preview
• Improving the Quality of Light in White LEDs
• Developing a Dynamic Rope Tester
• ICEMS – the Integrated Caves Environmental Monitoring System
Plus regular features such as We Hear, Web Watch, letters, etc etc

For a detailed contents list, please see

If you have an online-only subscription, please use the user-id and access code that were emailed to you. If you are a paper subscriber, the mailing label includes your user-id and access code.
See for information, or just go to and work it out as you go along.

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Comments on this issue - and contributions for future issues - are most welcome!