Problems logging on to CREG journal online?

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Problems logging on to CREG journal online?

Post by David Gibson » Thu 05 Mar 2015 14:37

I have noticed a number of login failures in the last few days. If you have had problems logging onto the CREG journal online please read this message.

To log in you must have a valid user-id and access code.
  • If you are a member of BCRA this is printed on your membership card. It is emailed to you automatically when you pay for your membership online.
  • If you are not a member of BCRA, but you pay online for a subscription to the CREG journal, your ID is emailed to you automatically, when you pay.
  • If you subscribe to the journal on paper you will find your ID printed on your address label.
  • If you are not a member of BCRA but you subscribe to Cave and Karst Science, this does not entitle you to download the CREG journal! Non-member subscribers to C&KS are no longer issued with any user-id. (You can download C&KS free of charge, but you do not have access to any other BCRA online content, and this includes the CREG journal).
  • CREG does not have 'members', so there is no fixed annual period of 'membership'. Instead, it has 'subscribers'. Paper subscribers pay for four issues of the journal. Online subscribers pay for 12 months of access. If you pay for a paper subscription, you get 12 months free access from the date of your payment. This may mean that your paper subscription gets out of step with your online access. If this is the case, you will find that your ID, printed on your address wrapper, has expired. If this is the case, you will not be able to re-gain online access until you renew your subscription, If you want 'instant' access you should renew online because, if you simply pay by cheque, you will not be informed of your new ID and access code until the next time we send you a journal.
If you lose your user-ID...
  • Please search through your emails looking for a message with the subject of BCRA Online: Access code for ... followed by your name.
  • If you did not pay online you will not have been issued with an access code by email. The philosophy is that if you want electronic access to the CREG journal you are 'supposed' to pay electronically!
  • Our system is not designed to easily issue reminders, so if you ask us for one, this means someone has to manually trawl through a log file to locate the information, and this takes time. :(
How to tell if your ID has expired
  • The last four digits of the user-id are the month and year of expiry, e.g. SmithJ0315 is a user-id that expires at the end of March 2015
Common login problems
  • Apart from using an expired ID, login problems are caused by people mistyping their name or, bizarrely, typing a password that (presumably) belongs to some other online system that they use!. Some people even type in their amateur radio call signs! Customers are reminded that should type in the details they have been given, exactly as they are printed!
Any further problems or queries?...
Please post a reply to this message