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Giants Hole & Oxlow

Posted: Fri 28 Mar 2008 17:12
by Jenny Potts
DCA has just been informed that the charge for Giants has been raised to £3.00. According to our informant:
"There's a big sign pinned to the side of the box where you fill
out your envelope and post it, which says quite clearly that
it's now £3 each."
DCA Access Officer will be querying this but doubt there's much we can do.

Oxlow now has a new Y-hang pull-thro' on the climb up to Pilgrim's Way. (This replaces the former system which caused problems.) The system is not quite complete yet, it awaits the installation of two Eco-anchors at the base of the climb to allow free run for the pull-back rope and to allow a secure lock-off. It does work OK now, even though it's not quite complete, but we'll let you know when the job is finished.