National try caving weekend - 26th - 27th May

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National try caving weekend - 26th - 27th May

Post by David Cooke » Mon 06 Nov 2006 01:15

Chris Jewel wrote:
Announcing plans for a national "Try caving weekend":

The idea is to get each region in the UK to organise their own ‘try caving weekend’ but to do it all on the same weekend so that we can advertise the event on a national scale.

What does a “try caving weekend” mean?
For our purposes this is very different for what you might do on your clubs novice weekends.

The idea is that this weekend will attract a very large number of people so we would like clubs to run repeated short and simple caving trips. We are asking clubs to make trips of about an hour or less for small groups through the entrance series of a fairly easy cave and this should definitely not include any ladders or SRT.

These trips should form the centre piece of a few hours of introducing people to caving. For example the event could run all day, with caving trips starting every half an hour (imagine a big board with ‘next trip departs at Xo’clock’). Whilst they are waiting people could be entertained by watching slideshows or videos and listening to talks or doing something practical (such as learning a bit of SRT?). Then after going caving they could be treated to a nice BBQ and drink.

It may even be a possibility to arrange these events to occur in conjunction with popular show caves – many of which allow caving trips beyond the cave normally open to the public.

What advertising?
The event will be advertised on the try caving website, at the Outdoor Show and through national and local newspapers and magazines. Additionally by making this a national event we hope to create extra media interest including TV coverage.

Where will we get all the equipment from?
In addition to kit lent by caving clubs we hope many caving shops and manufacturers will support this idea.

The BCA will be able to fund some aspects of the weekend and use whatever resources it can muster. We will also be looking for sponsorship of the event and we also hope that individual cavers and clubs will give generously with their time and expertise.

Restrictions – what about qualifications, insurance and age limits?
These trips will be no different from your regular club trips. So everyone you take underground will be covered under the temporary membership arrangement, you don’t need qualifications to take people caving and there is no reason to impose additional age restrictions – just operate the way your club normally does. However every precaution should be taken and all trips should be planned properly. Additionally if cavers with appropriate qualifications wish to be involved this will add to the safety of the event.

The BCA will advise all cavers involved on the above issues to ensure that the events run safely and that clubs and individuals can act with confidence.

BPC winch meet
Yes – this deliberately on the same weekend as the Bradford Pothole Club winch meet!! In fact the winch meet is the perfect try caving weekend – so why reinvent the wheel?

What to do?
Bring this up at your next club committee meeting, contact your neighbouring clubs and the regional caving council and contact the BCA – through the contact form. Then we can start to make some firm plans.
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