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Post by AMW » Thu 21 Jul 2016 11:32

Flamless Cook Box review ... ox-p195259

Seemed a reasonable idea for digs beyond sumps or long pushing trips when those bowls of hot mush are essential? Less bother than a gas stove (maybe) it uses an exothermic reaction the manufacture is not saying but they most likely use calcium oxide (CaO) quick lime and after the addition of water it will become calcium hydroxide Ca(OH) 2 slaked lime. Decide on your own disposal method. The other option is Copper Sulphate and Zinc CuSO 4 (s) + Zn(s) -> ZnSO 4 (s) + Cu(s) although less likely.

Exothermic so no carbon monoxide problems. This is not a new idea you can get all in one cans that allows you to pull a tab and it then heats up. The Trekmate system has the advantage of selecting your own mush rather than the limited Variety from the all in one cans as well as less weight to carry.

Does it work well yes simple to use just put the heat pack in the plastic bowl poor on water then put the steel bowl (with food) into that and away it goes. It heats the food in about 8 minutes and it is nice and hot the manufactures clam is 90C. Down side is you need to keep the heat pack dry on the dive (not always easy) although a plastic zip bag and a small otter box work well.

The cost is £24 for the starter set and then £9 for five 50g reusable heat packs or £9 for 7 20g packs.

They also do a mug based system for drinks.

Or you could just stick to a chocolate bar in the helmet webbing.