1st circular - 2015 BCRA Cave Science Symposium

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1st circular - 2015 BCRA Cave Science Symposium

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British Cave Research Association
26th Cave Science Symposium

Symposium - Saturday 31st October, 2015
Field trip - Sunday 1st November, 2015

The Manchester Museum, University of Manchester
First Circular: 2nd February 2015

The British Cave Research Association is pleased to give preliminary details of its annual Cave Science Symposium and associated field trip. The Symposium, which will be hosted by Andrew Chamberlain and Graham Proudlove of the University of Manchester, will take place in the Kanaris Lecture Theatre at the Manchester Museum on Saturday 31st October 2015. Whether you are an academic, an amateur scientist or a caver wanting to find out more about the underground environment, you will find something of interest at the Symposium. A programme of presentations is being assembled and details will follow in later circulars, as well as being publicised on the BCRA news Forum and in our Facebook group.

Symposium and Field Trip Programmes

At the Saturday symposium there will be a set of themed talks on maze caves, together with a variety of talks on other aspects of cave science, with emphasis on BCRA’s principal areas of interest: speleogenesis, cave archaeology and subterranean biology. Following the symposium, an informal early-evening meal will be arranged for those interested, details to be decided.

For the optional field trip on Sunday 1st November, 2015, we have booked the Alderley Edge Mines for a field visit; this event will be hosted by Nigel Dibben and the Derbyshire Caving Club. Full protective caving clothing including helmet, boots and lights will be required for trips into the mines but normal clothes, with walking boots, will be fine for exploring the surface. A maximum of 14 people can attend the field trip (although DCC can make arrangements if more than 14 want to attend) so if you are interested please contact Graham Proudlove so that we can manage the numbers.

Call for Abstracts

Abstracts are welcome for posters or oral presentations on any topic of cave or karst-based research, and these should be submitted by 31st August, 2015, by email to the lecture secretary, Gina Moseley (gina.moseley@uibk.ac.at). Please include all authors with their affiliations, an email address for the primary author, and an abstract no longer than one page of A4 at single spacing, arial, size 11.


Registration will take place on the day. A small fee will be requested to cover refreshments.

Venue, Accommodation and Travel Information

Information about the location of the Manchester Museum and travel can be viewed at:

Accommodation options are available from the Visit Manchester website:

Information about the Alderley Edge copper mines:

Meeting Organisers

Andrew Chamberlain: andrew.chamberlain@manchester.ac.uk
Graham Proudlove: g.proudlove@manchester.ac.uk
Gina Moseley (BCRA lecture secretary): gina.moseley@uibk.ac.at

Please contact Graham Proudlove for general enquiries and for details of the venue and local facilities in Manchester. Contact Gina Moseley for details of the programme and for enquiries concerning oral or poster presentations.

All are welcome, and we look forward to seeing you at the Symposium.