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by David Cooke
Mon 06 Feb 2006 01:03
Forum: Council of Southern Caving Clubs
Topic: New lock on Fairy Cave Quarry car park
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New lock on Fairy Cave Quarry car park

The C & A Officer reports that the combination lock on the caver's car park has been replaced with the CSCC padlock.

You now need a key to use the car park, so please don't forget to collect one before travelling to East Mendip.
by David Cooke
Tue 24 Jan 2006 00:14
Forum: This Forum
Topic: How do I get in?
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How do I get in?

Idris has emailed me this question: How do I get in? You don't need to do anything to read the messages on the public forums, just select the forums and topics you are interested in. To post messages or join the private forums you need to Login. The first time you need to Register as well. Select Re...
by David Cooke
Mon 09 Jan 2006 15:36
Forum: This Forum
Topic: Introduction
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A forum is the modern version of the mailing list/newsgroup. It allows discussions to be held, questions to be asked, answers to be given. Amongst its many advantages over a mailing lists is that it is easy to look back through previous postings so a newcomer can quickly get up to speed on a topic. ...
by David Cooke
Sat 07 Jan 2006 11:41
Forum: This Forum
Topic: Is this Forum a good idea?
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Is this Forum a good idea?

I've just announced this Forum to the world. It is in test mode at the moment. If it is popular we can adopt it. Main uses: 1) I set it up for discussion about the development of the Cave Registry, but once it was working I realised it could be used more widely. 2) To communicate with our members. T...